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University of Sydney (USYD)

  • 36% international / 64% domestic

The University of Sydney in 360 degrees

Feel like you're standing on campus at the University of Sydney, no matter where you are.

" Here is not one place for feeling, it's not history, not the future. It always feels like a start. I get your turn here today." 

"It's a constant 'Are you ready?', that's the feeling here. "

"In every building here,so many people have taken the  same steps and maybe they felt the same as you feel now or the same thing" 

"It's a sense that everyone is welcome here. Everyone is understood in any language. That's what makes us, us. What will I do here? Who will I meet here? I always wonder what goes on here. What research is being worked on, or who changed something, completely turn everything on its head?"