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Know Thy Selfie: What is digilantism? #morethanmean

What is digilantism ? in this episode of Know Thy Selfie we see how online vitriol is spiralling out of control. So much so, that many women are taking matters into their own hands and naming and shaming abusers on the internet. But is this a good idea? Should it be the job of the victims to call out the abusers threatening rape and murder?

"Online vitriol, particularly towards women, has become so toxic, so prevalent, and so personal, that it has given rise to a potentially problematic new trend; digilantism. According to the UN, 73% of women and girls have been exposed to, or have had to deal personally with, some form of violence online. While men get name calling and embarrassment, women experience more severe abuse. This includes sexual harassment, stalking and rape and death threats."