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University of Adelaide and Equal Opportunity Commission Industry PhD Scholarships

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$27,082 per annum
Length of Support
4 years
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About this scholarship

The University of Adelaide and the South Australian Equal Opportunity Commission are offering an outstanding opportunity for up to up to five PhD students in 2018.

A unique internship and industry experience opportunity, along with a stipend scholarship will be offered to encourage aspiring PhD students with a strong academic track record in psychology, law, economics, social science, business, management or other disciplines, to undertake research in areas that could enhance human rights and equal opportunity in our State (and beyond).

The SA Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Dr Niki Vincent, who was awarded University Medals for both her Honours and PhD in Psychology, is offering external supervision for up to five students, along with the opportunity for them to spend a day per week working on their research from a desk in the Commission’s office (Adelaide) where they can interact with diverse team members who have degrees and practical experience in Law, Psychology, Social Work, Public Policy, Mediation, Policing and Adult Education. Students will also be able to arrange one-on-one meetings with the Commissioner on a fortnightly basis.

Specified research topics include:


  • Identifying and examining the options for Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes for the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia.
  • Effective implementation of equal opportunity laws, policies and practices.
  • The impact of equal opportunity and human rights laws on human rights perspectives and cultural norms.

Enquiries regarding research topic and supervision in Law - Dr Sylvia Villios


  • Men taking up flexible work – what are the personal, organisational and cultural factors that impact this?
  • Age discrimination in employment: prevalence, impact (personal, community, economic) and case studies of successful intervention.
  • What is the gender pay gap in SMEs across Australia and how can we address this?
  • The impact of media, advertising, film, songs, and other forms of social communication/popular culture on gender inequality/violence against women.
  • Shifting consciousness in relation to equal opportunity in (family-run) organizations and how leadership in diversity can be mobilized to create cultural change.
  • The effects of workplace diversity (gender/racial/LGBTIQ) on the co-created service experience.

Enquiries regarding research topic and supervision in Psychology - Professor Paul Delfabbro

Marketing and Management

  • Domestic violence/ Intimate-partner violence and how workplaces accommodate people (most often women) who are affected by these circumstances.
  • Beyond maternity and paternity: Balancing parenting and workplace needs in situations where there are competing family commitments (e.g., employees having to look after elderly parents or children with ongoing complex needs/ disabilities.)
  • Mental health in the workplace:  How well are mental health vs. physical health needs accommodated by work-places.
  • Barriers for effective employment/workplace relations for Aboriginal employees or employees from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Gender and culture - balancing diversity:  how does one deal with situations where cultural and religious beliefs about gender / rights of children seem to be in conflict (e.g., how does one balance respect for cultural / religious and beliefs about modern gender roles)?

Enquiries regarding research topic and supervision in Marketing and Management - Associate Professor Jodie Conduit

Stipend: RTPS equivalent stipend ($27,082 per annum in 2018, tax free)


  • Supervision team includes the SA Commissioner for Equal Opportunity, Dr Niki Vincent.
  • Fortnightly one-on-one meetings with the SA Commissioner for Equal Opportunity.
  • Opportunity to study for one day per week in the SA Equal Opportunity Commission’s office.
  • Additional six months of stipend tenure (3.5 instead of the usual 3 years).

Tenure: Up to four years (3.5 years with a possible six month extension).

Eligibility: Commencing PhD candidature at The University of Adelaide in 2018, in one of the specified research topics.

Selection: Applications will be assessed according to research priority and academic merit. An interview (in person / online) may be required for selection.

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Eligible Study Fields
Business & Management
Law, Legal Studies & Justice
Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences