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Ducere Global Business School

Andrew Bassat, Co-Founder, SEEK

“The chosen advise to entrepreneurs I have, there’s so much to booting and manning a business, it’s hard, it’s not what the most important is, but look, at the end of the day, it’s always gonna be about creating something of value. And if you do that, and that’s what you’re focused on, eventually, you’d make some money.

When the focus is I want to start a business, I want to make money, there’s not of value in them in and on the way through, you really try to create intense tons of work. And that’s where we’re focused on.

This is something, it’s different, it’s valuable and people gonna want. It’s what the entrepreneur needs to focus on.

In terms of being successful there’s always an element of black there that you can’t hide from, but for somebody,  some people are more suited than others to being an entrepreneur. Some reason, element of resilience, some of the element of being comfortable with chaos, things never go as they planned things always unfold differently from what you expect, everyday unfolds differently from what you expect, that comfort with chaos, that ability to power through, to keep your eyes on what your trying to create and not get too distracted as you might as an entrepreneur is I think is all pretty important.”- Andrew Bassat, Co-Founder, SEEK