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Hamish Hayes

8.30 AM

A typical day for me starts with walking into the office around 8.30 am. An advantage of living in the Wellington city centre is that the walk is only 5-10 minutes. Most of my team turns up sometime between 8.00 am and 9.00 am. Mondays tend to start with a quick resourcing check-in meeting with the structures team followed by heading out for a coffee to ease into the week and catch up with what people got up to in the weekend.


9.30 AM

A fair bit of the work I am involved in is to do with building assessments, strengthening design, and new build design. Today I’m working on a strengthening project for a building near Auckland. It’s a project that I had previously completed an assessment for, and now we are going through and adding some resilience to the structure.

at the office

12.30 PM

When the weather is nice like today, I like to head outside for lunch with friends and wander down to the waterfront, because you can’t beat Wellington on a good day.


1.00 PM

I am currently involved with the local Wellington office Pathways committee. Pathways is a cohort within WSP of emerging professionals with 0-10 years of experience. Today we have our monthly committee meeting to plan out the events we want to hold over the coming year.


2.00 PM

My afternoon has me going out to Otaki for a site inspection of a project that I am doing the construction monitoring for. Today it’s a pre-pour inspection of the reinforcement for some precast concrete panels.


5.00 PM

Making the most of the summer daylight, it’s nice to get outside for some fresh air. The local tracks around the city make it easy to get out on the bike and find one of the many hills.