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Becca Wallace

Becca Wallace, Architectural Graduate (Kaihoahoa Paetahi), joined WSP in January 2019 as part of the Architecture team in Te Whanganui-a-Tara | Wellington.

She heard about WSP from a friend who was working for the organisation and shared about the great team environment. WSP appealed to Becca because she wanted to work for a multidisciplinary company with a culture that would enable her to build relationships within the architecture team as well as the surrounding disciplines.

“Reflecting on my decision from my two years working here I can defiantly say the people make the place. Everyone looks out for your best interests and really wants you to succeed. WSP places people first with significant support for Graduates.”

Becca said that she enjoys working on a range of projects and loves that her opinions and ideas are valued.

“Before I started working, I believed that because I was only a Graduate with little experience, that I would not get the opportunity to contribute and make design decisions. However, I was very wrong! I feel so incredibly supported here at WSP and am encouraged to contribute as much as I can. On some projects I have even been able to take the lead and make a lot of the design decisions.”

Becca gives insight into a day at work as a WSP Graduate:

8.00 AM

I arrive at the office and prepare for my day. This morning I will be working on the developed design of Johnsonville School.


9.00 AM

I have a very close relationship with my manager. This morning we have a catch up on my workload, upcoming opportunities, events, training, but also just a general chat of how I am doing.


10.00 AM

Every morning at 10.00 am our team have a break together and do the Stuff Quiz with our quizmaster Tony!


12.00 PM

This afternoon we have a developed design team coordination meeting for Johnsonville School. Here we get all the disciplines together to discuss the project.


1.00 PM

As our office is super central, I am heading out of the office for lunch. The waterfront and Te Ngākau Civic Square are very close, so I generally head out there or to a local café.


3.00 PM

This afternoon I am heading out to Porirua City Council for a pre-application meeting for renovation works we are doing on Porirua Courthouse. Later in the week I will also get to head out to Johnsonville School for our monthly progress meeting. Getting out of the office really makes the day go faster!