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Sustainability at WSP Australia

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We have a sustainability team and they work on many of the projects we produce as well as the office which we moved into - working to limit our carbon footprint.
Graduate, QLD
Commitment to reducing carbon emissions by 5-20% (I think) by 2030. Generally could do more to disincentivise driving to work and incentivise public transport usage or walking/cycling to work.
Graduate, Sydney
Dedicated and labelled recycling bins for all different material around the office. timers on taps and lights (in conference rooms). WSP branded keep cups, a focus on alternative travel to the office e.g. not in a car If you need to take a car - there is a office car pool in the garage that you can rent out.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Incorporated through design. i.e. pavement composition
Graduate, Canberra
Large importance in the company. The environmental sustainability team has a major presence.
Midlevel, Perth
The office building was designed to reduce as much footprint as possible.
Graduate, Brisbane
We have specific bins for different wastes. Most of us follows the instructions and has changed our attitude towards recycling and throwing items into the right bin outside of work too.
Graduate, Brisbane
WSP has Melbourne office has a worm farm, as well as renewables and sustainability team. There is a strong focus on winning sustainable work.
Midlevel, Adelaide
WSP's Future Ready initiative is focused around reducing environmental impact and finding sustainable solutions that will continue to be viable into the future. The company acts according to these principles and sets an example through their own practices.
Graduate, Melbourne