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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Project work - interesting projects and learning new skills to complete the work.
Graduate, Melbourne
assisting project managers with sub tasks like creating fee spreadsheet, excel, research etc.
Graduate, Sydney
Constructive problem-solving
Graduate, Manila
Currently on a site secondment, great varied work and interactions.
Graduate, Brisbane
Day to day I help to coordinate and plan client engagement activities, both regionally and nationally.
Intern, Melbourne
Design / draft / contacting client, supplier, etc. / Learning and development
Graduate, QLD
Design and construction support of HVAC works within hospitals and office buildings. Heat load calculations, plant design and equipment selection/evaluation, along with spatial design and management of issues arising onsite during construction.
Graduate, Brisbane
Design of road/civil components. Have worked on detailed design tender design and concept design projects. Use a variety of software to complete working including Bentley products (MicroStation, OpenRoads, ConceptStation) and 12d (drainage design).
Graduate, Sydney
Developing Designer: to design under supervision Project Drawings Coordinator and Drafter: ad-hoc tasks to work for other teams to ensure delivery of projects.
Midlevel, Sydney
Field work Reporting invoice management.
Graduate, Sydney
Get provided input from utilities lead and am in charge of modelling subsurface utilities at the rozelle interchange (westconnex). Participate in regular meetings to coordinate with other disciplines to avoid utilities clashes.
Midlevel, Adelaide
I am currently working on the structural design for an underground station. I complete design tasks, develop drawings, work with my team, respond to CPS queries and manage the delivery of a design package.
Midlevel, Makati City Philippines
I am part of the M&E team of RIC WestConnex 3B Project- Rozelle Interchange. Day to day responsibilities involve working in the HV, LV and Earthing and Bonding Designs.
Graduate, Canberra
I enjoy working on a variety of projects from groundwater monitoring in the field to contaminated land searches, desktop site investigation, and report writing.
Graduate, Brisbane
I help write environmental assessment reports.
Graduate, Brisbane
I'm currently in a training program and it is about Australian codes familiarization and applying it on an actual project.
Graduate, SYDNEY
It depends on what work is coming in. It can be great, it can be ordinary, like anything.
Graduate, Sydney
ITS projects, being in a small team means more responsibilities
Midlevel, Perth
Mostly fieldwork and project management, data entry and some reporting.
Graduate, Canberra
My day-to-day role has changed quite significantly since I started in 2018. This is because WSP strives to give all graduates a diverse range of experiences to see where they can fit best within the business. At the start of my WSP career, I was seconded to work on the Cross River Rail project at a project office. My work consisted mainly of project support duties which included document drafting, management of project risks, document control (monitoring and tracking) of RFQs/RFIs, graphic design, project management support and systems engineering. Since then I've come out of secondment and have started working on more design-related projects with tasks that include: performing calculations to optimise designs, CAD drafting, and writing engineering reports to summarise my design and provide recommendations to the client.
Graduate, Brisbane