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WSP Australia

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Culture at WSP Australia

8.4 rating for Culture, based on 43 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
I have a great team. Peers and managers are all supportive and friendly. Other teams can be harder to socialise with when they do not participate in social events.
Graduate, Melbourne
Clear team hierarchy - easy to find who to direct questions to. Colleagues always happy to have a chat. Company-wide First Friday drinks, team catch ups, project celebrations and social club activities are all good fun and well attended.
Graduate, Sydney
Company culture is great. first Friday is a good opportunity to network and socialize with seniors or even the leadership team.
Graduate, Manila
company culture is very dedicated to learning and development especially through COVID19. My team in particular are very focused on team work, support and socializing together to develop a strong team bond. Hierarchy is very fluid, with support and access to executives is a Skype message away, I have a people manager who ensures I am okay and deals with leave, issues and capacity. but I work on projects without her 80% of the time with other managers/executives. It is great to work in such a collaborative team.
Graduate, Brisbane
Cooperation and team work is amazing. However, the general socialising is a bit segregated across different areas in the business.
Graduate, QLD
Discourse between employees is encouraged both in and out of work. Most Friday afternoons the manager of the team will ask anyone if they would like to get a drink and members of the team will all have a drink together.
Graduate, Brisbane
Everyone in the company is very friendly and helpful. I haven't had much opportunity to socialise after hours with COVID-19, but I can imagine social events will be fun. Teamwork and collaboration are obviously valued and utilised every day, which creates an encouraging and supportive work environment, even while working from home.
Graduate, Melbourne
High expectations, profit-focused, but able to enjoy a work-life balance.
Graduate, Brisbane
I think we have a good culture. There are lots of social activities which are often subsidised. And my team does a lot of social events. There are also a lot of other services you can access including free mental health help.
Graduate, Sydney
In office, the culture is very relaxed and team oriented, with each discipline working together in the office.
Graduate, Sydney
In the office is very open and working hours are flexible. usually graduates from utilities and rail teams will have lunch together and eat out on friday lunches.
Midlevel, Adelaide
Its a mix and very much depends on the surrounding team culture and individual within the company.
Graduate, Canberra
Majority of people are friendly and will reach out to you to see if you need help. The structure works well however I don't feel as though cooperation and teamwork is something people do well with.
Graduate, Brisbane
Most people are very nice and easy going. Some are encouraging and show care in graduate's development.
Graduate, Sydney
My employer promotes a good work life balance and is flexible and understanding of individuals' situations. In my team, my manager is an engineer by trade and will sometimes get in and do the work as well which is encouraging.
Graduate, Brisbane
My team promotes a culture of innovation and inclusion. There are some questionable titles floating around the office however. Great work life balance.
Graduate, SYDNEY
People are hard working. They are all approachable. However, I sometimes feel like I am not good enough because everyone's good at what they do. Since I am a fresh grad, I sometimes feel out of place cause I can't give input in what they're talking about especially now that all of them are working in the industry for some years already. On the other hand, they are always willing to help me when I ask for their help. They're all good it's just me sometimes whenever I get shy to ask for help.
Graduate, Sydney
Positive overall. Overtime culture is minimal. Structure and hierarchy is as expected, cooperation and teamwork is great, socialising is healthy,
Midlevel, Perth
Team work is key, the company seems to foster good culture overall, and reasonable people are employed here. But a lot of the old socialising and fun has died out with the removal of 'Friday beers' and knocking off as a team.
Graduate, Brisbane
The company culture is relatively lacking. I see numerous teams do get involved in social activities. However, the power team is very much work for yourself.
Graduate, Melbourne