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Matthew Torrisi

6.45 AM

I drag myself out of bed, refusing to hit snooze on my alarm a second time. A quick shower, a coffee and some yoghurt and berries later, and I’m ready to head into the office.  

7.30 AM

Having recently moved into a new place with my partner, the commute to work is now only 10 minutes! I park around the corner from the office, pay the obligatory $6 for a full day’s parking, and head in to start my day. 


8.00 AM

The first job every morning is check my emails and see what has come in overnight. I then go through my Task List and note the jobs that need to be completed for our clients today and whether there is anything that needs to be followed up on. 

9.30 AM

After completing a few early morning tasks (e.g. sending emails, returning phone calls, drafting letters, etc.), I meet with my Boss, who is the Partner of our Employment and Workplace Relations Law workgroup, and we discuss the progress of our current ongoing matters and any queries I have concerning my tasks for the day. 

10.00 AM

Second coffee of the morning. I decide against grabbing a biscuit to have with it. 

Coffee pot

10.01 AM   

I turn back around to grab that biscuit…  

10.30 AM 

My Boss and I attend our first client meeting of the day.  

As a trainee, I attend every meeting with my Boss to assist with my training and development. This is a “New Client” meeting, and we’re meeting with the CEO of a local business in person at our office, so the purpose of this initial consultation is to get an understanding of what their business does, dissect their current employment circumstances, and provide advice as to how we can assist them in reaching a resolution. 


11.30 AM  

After the meeting, I prepare a file note detailing what was discussed in the meeting (so I don’t forget anything!) and this gets saved onto the client’s digital file. This is a considerably more organised way of keeping files – better than having paper everywhere! 

I then begin any work that needs to be completed as a consequence of this meeting and move onto the more urgent tasks from my Task List. 

1.00 PM

Lunch time! It’s leftovers from last night’s dinner and another cup of coffee. I eat lunch with my colleagues in the courtyard out the back – it’s nice to get some fresh air after being cooped up in our offices all morning.  


2.00 PM  

Another client meeting! This meeting is over Zoom as our client is not a Townsville local, and is a follow up meeting to discuss our progress. Using the information gathered from our New Client meeting the week before, I had drafted a set of Employment Contracts and a Workplace Policies Manual for our client to use in their business. During the meeting, the client provides their feedback and we take instructions on the amendments required to the documents so that they appropriately reflect the organisation. I finalise these documents after the meeting and email them back to the client for their final approval. 

3.30 PM

Another coffee – the 4th of the day. As I make it, I tell myself that tomorrow is the day I will cut back on my caffeine intake.  
This is the ideal time to continue working through the day’s tasks, so they can go out to our clients before the end of the day. 

4.30 PM

I catch up with my Boss and we review my day’s work. All my work has to be approved by her before it is sent to our clients, as I cannot give unapproved legal advice at this point of my career. I receive the “right to go” from my Boss and finalise the day’s tasks.  

5.30 PM

Time to knock off for the day! I usually unwind and clear my head at day’s end with some sort of physical activity. Depending on the day, I either head to cricket training, my social Oztag game with my mates, or go for a jog around the Strand.  

7.30 PM

Now’s the time to have a nice dinner and relax with my partner in front of the TV. I try to convince her to watch the Big Bash League with me, but since she has begrudgingly sat through it for the last two nights, we decide on some Netflix.  

9.45 PM

I head to bed, knowing I’ll muck around on my phone for far too long before actually getting some sleep.