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Westpac Group

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As grads, we are in a unique position to be able to provide the Group with a fresh perspective that can help improve existing processes

I’m Trina, a 2021 Graduate and part of the Consumer Banking Graduate Program.

I studied Commerce and Media at UNSW and outside of work I enjoy rock climbing and finding new places to eat.

Explain what your business area does or its function within the group.

Consumer Banking involves everything that happens between the customer and the bank. Our objective is to optimise the customer journey process and remove customer pain points along the way.

Why did you apply for a graduate role at Westpac Group, and why your chosen business area?

I wanted to be part of a community where I can learn and grow with like-minded people with the objective of helping Australians succeed. I joined consumer banking as this area will allow me to do so – it will provide me with the opportunity to better understand customers and in return, improve their overall experience with the bank.

To date: please provide an overview of the rotation(s) you have completed and, if cross-functional, which business areas/groups you have worked in

My first rotation was in Customer Care. I was exposed to our front-line branch network of bankers and customers. During my time in this rotation, I helped to review the processes we have in place for our customers going through key life moments, worked with strategists to revolutionise our current processes and identify ways in which we can deliver a seamless customer journey experience.

I am currently doing a product manager rotation within the Everyday Banking Line of Business. Their function is to improve our product offerings for different types of customers and assist them in building their wealth and manage their finances in better ways. 

To date: has there been a project you have been involved in that you found particularly exciting or engaging?

I drove improving a reporting process within the Customer Care team which has been monumental in assisting the team in improving their efficiency and reducing their workload significantly.

So far, what has been the highlight of the graduate program?

Being involved in meaningful projects that have the potential to change and improve Australian lives has been a rewarding part of the graduate experience.

What is one thing you love about Westpac Group?

All of the people I’ve met have stayed within the Group for a significant amount of time. I believe this speaks about the culture of the Group – the vast range of opportunities offered within the Group means that you will always be able to grow and continuously challenge yourself!

Which of our five values – Helpful, Ethical, Leading Change, Performing and Simple – resonates with you most, in terms of your role as a Westpac Group Grad, and why?

Leading Change resonates with me the most. As grads, we are in a unique position to be able to provide the Group with a fresh perspective that can help improve existing processes. Being given the opportunity to utilise this position has been a very rewarding experience for me.

What role/area/project are you excited to get involved in the post-Grad Program?

I’m not sure yet but I am excited to discover more of what the Group has to offer 😊

What is unique about your ‘Uncommon Mind’?

I work in consumer banking and I enjoy drawing.

To Wrap Up

Please describe your business area in three words.

  • Exciting
  • Fast-paced
  • Lively

Please sum up your Grad experience (to date) in three words.

  • Welcoming
  • Unpredictable
  • Rewarding