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Westpac Group Australia

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

Culture at Westpac Group Australia

8.3 rating for Culture, based on 57 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Changes with different teams, the culture I have experienced thus far has been great.
Graduate, Sydney
Differs greatly amongst different teams. Generally, work life balance is good and employees get along well. Recent restructures and redundancies before xmas has caused issues of late
Graduate, Sydney
everyone I have worked with has been very friendly and more than willing to help me, even going further up the chain to GM level people. multiple social activities with workers, great friendly atmosphere
Graduate, Sydney
All the senior managers want to be innovative and other buzz words, but there is little action by team managers to help employees be innovative. Most employees are older and don't want to change or be really innovative, they are pessimistic about the company itself because actual operating procedures are bad, requests take a long time to turn around, it is almost impossible to get anything new done. Office hours are flexible and work from home arrangements make it easier. The work environment is modern. If you have to work after hours, its because something wasn't done right the first time which happens too many times.
Graduate, Sydney
The structure is relatively flat, and I feel confident and comfortable speaking anybody up to the head of finance level. My team lives the value of 'one team'. Everybody is always there to answer any questions and provide support to other members of the team.
Graduate, Sydney
Great culture in head office, social inclusion was very good. Branch network is a bit more fragmented however there is a strong family feel within my branch.
Midlevel, Caringbah
Friendly, supportive, but lots of variation in levels of enthusiasm and effectiveness between different business areas. Many senior leaders are very helpful and accessible.
Entry level, Sydney
There is great camaraderie in the workplace, everyone is social, friendly, approachable and buzzing, particularly in financial markets. Team work is extremely important here.
Graduate, Sydney
Culture within the organisation is great. There are several employee action groups and it doesn't feel too hierarchical. Some teams are more social than others.
Graduate, Sydney
Friendly and genuine culture. Very diverse. Fairly social - tend to be certain teams/groups of people who like to socialise on a regular basis. Fairly frequent formal social events e.g. Christmas parties, team drinks. As the company is large, you can either involve yourself in social activities and cultural events at whatever level you choose.
Graduate, Sydney
Positive, team-oriented and supported
Graduate, Sydney
The culture is amazing. Everyone gets along no matter which department and we are all willing to help each other at any time.
Graduate, Sydney
Graduates do not have to conform to the hierarchy. You have a license to take any other employee out to coffee, no matter where they are from or who they are. Plenty of work-life balance, flexible working arrangements (work from home). Great support network from previous graduates, mentors, and placement supervisors. The rotational structure of the program provides exposure to three key business areas and your networks improve significantly.
Graduate, Brisbane