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Westpac Group Australia

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Career Prospects at Westpac Group Australia

6.5 rating for Career Prospects, based on 45 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Takes some time in each role to really master the trade, then plenty of internal opportunities to move around and upwards
Graduate, Sydney
a little unsure as I am still a grad but you have multiple opportunities to build your skillset and get placements in ever-changing roles. you can then roll off into a good role and progress from there
Graduate, Sydney
Hard to tell at this stage, but can assume it will be a lot of good relationship management and work
Graduate, Sydney
I am aiming to get hired at the level of Senior Analyst when I roll off the graduate program. I have spoken with my people leader about this aspiration and we have developed a plan to ensure this happens.
Graduate, Sydney
Need to continually work hard and prove yourself, especially in team environment.
Entry level, Sydney
I've been offered a reasonably senior starting position after my graduate program. In a competitive industry, it will take perseverance, luck and timing to move up the ranks.
Graduate, Perth
I think more and more it needs to become about the right person for the right position, rather than being based on years of service.
Midlevel, Caringbah
There are some good opportunities but some areas expect you to "do your time" rather than giving you a chance to prove yourself.
Entry level, Sydney
Broad knowledge and experience of many different areas so you can provide a different perspective.
Show dedication and meet targets and you will move up. Also helps to know the right people. Have met previous grads with great roles.
Graduate, Sydney
Quite easy to get to senior analyst level, making the jump to manager/senior manager is varied depending on the area
Graduate, Sydney
Hard work and good relationships are acknowledged. There are clear paths for promotions and secondments.
Graduate, Sydney
From current position seems quite difficult to progress.
Graduate, Sydney