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Turner & Townsend

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Training & Personal Development at Turner & Townsend

7.5 rating for Training, based on 11 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
I would say you learn the most on the job but the training ones do give you the theory to pick up new skills whilst you are working.
Graduate, Melbourne
There are very good training programmes at the company however I feel like they are not very accessible because if you miss time to do a training session it accumulates work to come back to (i.e. you have no time to do them).
Graduate, Sydney
There are formal training sessions which are centrally run, otherwise there is also informal training run from time to time. If you personally invest the time to up skill, the resources are there. Sure, there is some times when you specifically need to raise for hand and request certain training but don't be scared to! It also helps when you have a great relationship with your line manager.
Graduate, Perth
Employees need to actively request / seek specific training. Beyond this, the company runs monthly project profile reviews and occasional internal operations / business systems training
Graduate, Sydney
Lots of internal training to achieve RICS accreditation. Company sources external training to contribute to CBD. Networking events for young professionals with other reputable companies
Graduate, Gold Coast