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Sarah Moore

6.45 AM

I drive to Auckland Airport for a team site visit – earlier than my usual 8 am start so no time for the gym this morning.

7.30 AM 

I arrive at the Airport for a site visit to one of our projects. Each month we do a site visit with the whole Auckland office to check out each other’s projects. It is a great way to share knowledge with our team. The visit is always followed by a team breakfast.

Sarah Moore site visit

8.00 AM

I eat a delicious breakfast at Kawau Kitchen while catching up with everyone’s home/work stories before driving back to the office in Newmarket.

Sarah Moore having breakfast

9.00 AM

I arrive back in the office and today I choose a sit/stand desk in the sunniest corner of the office, with a view of the water. Normally I would eat breakfast at this time, but I have already eaten at the cafe so I get onto responding to emails I received overnight.

Sarah Moore on her sit/stand desk

10.00 AM 

I have a brief catch up with my project team for the regional lounge to review what has been completed during the week and allocate tasks for the following week.

10.30 AM

Cake! It’s somebody’s birthday in the office so we all gather around in the kitchen for some cake. This is a regular occurrence here – not just for birthdays.

11.00 AM 

I go back to my desk and spend some time drafting engineers’ instructions for the senior PM on one of my projects to review an issue. I also prepare materials for my 1 pm site meeting and spend some more time on contract administration tasks.

12.00 PM 

I go for a quick walk around the shops up the road to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. Then I head back to the office to eat my homemade lunch in the kitchen.

12.45 PM 

I gather my things and drive to Britomart for my 1 pm site meeting at the client’s office.

1.00 PM 

The fortnightly site meeting commences. We discuss things like programme, design, health and safety issues, consents and responses to RFI’s.

2.30 PM

I have a quick look around the site to check out the progress and take a few pictures before heading back to the office.

3.00 PM 

I tidy up the minutes from the site meeting and they get circulated to the project team.

3.30 PM 

I make a few calls and follow up with consultants on their actions from previous meetings.

4.00 PM 

I work on completing a progress payment schedule that needs to be finished by the end of the day to be issued.

5.00 PM

We have a staff wellbeing/social event tonight. We all walk down to Studio box for a box fit class. Great fitness and teambuilding outside of work!

Sarah Moore attending a team building