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Kimberley Pedrola

6.00 AM

Up and entertaining my dogs, Hugo and Harriet, before giving them breakfast, getting ready and leaving for the gym. This is perhaps the most challenging part of my day, as this time of year is so dark and cold at this time of the morning. I will admit I sometimes sleep in and pop out to a lunchtime class.

Kimberly playing with her dogs

7.00 AM

Pilates, shower, change and walk to work (across the road). I stop at Breadtop on the way to get a bun for a friend in the office and maybe a doughnut for me.

8.30 AM

I arrive at the office and start my morning ritual of recovery supplements, green tea and breakfast while catching up on the emails I received overnight (only five this morning).

Kimberley Pedrola catching up with emails

9.00 AM

Meeting preparation for my 10.00 am meeting; I spend the next 40 minutes reviewing documents, printing drawings and noting key action items for discussions before heading to the architect’s office across town.

10.00 AM

I have a design review meeting with my client and architect at the architect’s office.

12.30 PM

Back to the office for lunch, I have leftovers as a standard. A group of us often sit and watch the muted TV and makeup storylines based on the dramatic acting. Day time TV is sooooooo bad.

Kimberley Pedrola having lunch

1.00 PM

I get on with meeting minutes, emails, EOT claim review, progress claim and day to day phone calls with consultants and the contractor.

5.00 PM

Tonight, we leave for a Women in Design and Construction VIC networking event. A group of six women from our Melbourne office attend to listen to the discussion around the topic ‘How to Ask for What You’re Worth’.

Normally I would head home around 5:30-6 pm and take my dogs for a walk, prepare dinner and read my Gourmet Traveller Magazine, but tonight, I head home at 8 pm and relax before bed.

Kimberly Pedrola attending a networking event