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Daniel Haslop

I have been employed with TransGrid for almost 9 years. I initially completed an Electrical Fitter Apprenticeship working out of TransGrid’s Orange, NSW depot. I then received the Managing Director’s Scholarship and completed my engineering degree. I am now a part of TransGrid’s Young Professionals Program as a Graduate Engineer. This is a snapshot of what a typical day looks like for me.

6.00 AM

Wake up, shower and then make a strong coffee and possibly even some breakfast if I don’t snooze through the first alarm.

Picture of Daniel's coffee

7.00 AM

Jump in the car and if I’m lucky I’ll get a smooth run with traffic all the way to work, TransGrid - Newcastle Depot.

7.30 AM

First thing is to catch up on any emails that may have come in late from the day before or over the weekend.

8.30 AM

Attend the daily meeting via teleconference which links the Newcastle and Sydney Asset Monitoring Centre teams. This meeting takes place to discuss and delegate the day’s tasks amongst the team. These tasks can include analysing condition monitoring alerts and oil sample results, investigating system irregularities, following up forced emergency outage reports along with assisting other work groups with enquiries.

9.30 AM

Investigate all the transmission line faults that have occurred on the system in the previous 24 hours and arrange after fault patrols if need be. This involves reading system operator’s reports, gathering protection details, analysing environmental factors at the time of the fault such as storms or fires in the area whilst working against the transmission lines asset maintenance plan to provide the correct response.

Daniel's desk

12.00 PM

Lunch time. If the weathers nice there is usually a game of touch footy on with the co-workers, it’s always a good bit of fun and nice to get out of the office.

12.30 PM

Follow up some software and permission requests with the Service Centre.

1.00 PM

A request has come in from a Project Manager to prescribe operational nomenclature for a new substation that is being built to facilitate with the connection of a Wind Farm Generator to the grid. For operational purposes every item of switchgear in TransGrid’s high voltage system must be unambiguously identified and clearly labelled. Working in compliance with an Operating Manual, I allocated all new substation equipment a name and number and submit it to my senior engineer for approval.

3.00 PM

Coffee time and a cheeky Tim Tam.

3.05 PM

If there have been any new issues of Operating Manuals, I update the Network Operations Portal. This keeps the collection of information current and all in one easy place to access.

3.30 PM

Complete labour costing for the day.

3.47 PM

Knock off time! 7.47 hour working day to accommodate for the 9 day fortnight.

4.00 PM

Drop into the gym on the way home.

Daniel's shoes

5.30 PM

Catch up on some house work and sort something for dinner, hopefully there’s enough leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

9.30 PM

Early night in, hit the sack and get some much needed beauty sleep.