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Georgia Sanderson

6.00 AM

My alarm clock starts buzzing at 6:00am, I hit snooze, and at 6:05am or 6:10am (if I’m feeling extra sleepy) I get myself out of bed to prepare for the day.

I take my time in the morning to do my skincare, makeup, hair and check the weather to choose a suitable outfit. In the dealership, although I am up in the office, my standard work outfit is a pair of black pants, an oversized shirt tucked in, a black blazer, a scarf and black leather mules.

Once I am all ready, I make myself a coffee, make my lunch for the day and get in the car to leave. A short 10-minute drive, listening to my music and I have made it to work.

7.20 AM

Located in Wairau Park, Glenfield, finding a park on the road can be a little bit of a mission in the mornings. Most days I find a park relatively close, within 200m, other days I may have to park 600m away. Because of this, I like to start earlier rather than later, so I can secure the closest car park.

7.30 AM

I walk through the dealership premises to the showroom front (or back) door, with various hellos and good mornings along the way I head upstairs to my office.

I walk down the hall to pop my lunch in the fridge, while settling down at my desk to check my emails and calendar schedule for the day.

7.45 AM

I always begin my day by opening my Outlook calendar to see what meetings and tasks I have on for the day.

If not already done, I will book in 30 minutes to 1 hour of ‘meeting prep’ time for myself so that I can enter meetings prepared. At this point, I will usually then flick through my emails, get my note pad out and begin to write down the things I need to complete that day.

For urgent, deadline tasks I will book these into my Outlook calendar and label them as ‘must-do’. Any other tasks with less priority, I will jot down in my notebook with an empty checkbox.

8.30 AM

Once I have a clear outline of the tasks to complete in my day, I put my noise cancelling headphones on, turn Spotify on and begin my meeting prep work. An hour later, of un-interrupted preparation work – I am ready for my meetings and can get on with my more tangible tasks.

Around this time, my manager usually comes into my office and asks me if I want a coffee. I tend to politely decline as I have always had one earlier.

As the sole marketer among four Toyota and Lexus dealerships, every day is different. From driving cars through Riverhead Forrest for photoshoots and meetings with local clubs to finalize sponsorship agreements, to writing radio advertising briefs for the latest 2021 hybrid model vehicle and sitting down to brainstorm and map out our marketing strategy for the next quarter.

10.00 AM

My first meeting of the day is a ‘stand-up’, where myself and my two other core team members come together to briefly run through the tasks we have on for the day. This helps us to stay in the loop of each other’s work and surface any roadblocks that may be inhibiting the completing of any work.

After our stand-up we usually chat about our weekends; what we did the night before and how our cryptocurrencies are performing.

11.00 AM

My second meeting for the day is a 1:1 catchup with my manager. This is a casual weekly catchup for myself to talk about how I’m feeling, check in on my goals, projects and milestones and make action plans to overcome any issues or roadblocks. These meetings are very beneficial for myself as a graduate as they help me to stay on track and continue to develop in the workplace.

12.30 PM

Its now lunch time. Majority of the time I am pretty good at bringing my own lunch (usually leftovers from dinner), however, sometimes I walk over to the bakery downstairs for a pie. At lunch time, I sit down on the couch in my joint office, chat to my co-worker and scroll through TikTok.

1.30 PM

After replying to some emails and ticking off a few more of the tasks to complete for the day, I have my final meeting for the day. This meeting is our weekly catchup meeting for one of our projects at the moment, opening the new Hobsonville Toyota dealership. 

Each team leader comes together to discuss the progress made within each different team for the week, meanwhile also discussing and moving any roadblocks.

3.00 PM

In the final hours of the day, I tend to catchup on any remaining emails, continue to tick off any remaining tasks and if I have spare time, I will log into our personal development software (Udemy) to check out any courses that are relevant to my field or interests. So far, I have completed a few courses on facilitating meeting conversation, outlook tips and mindfulness in the workplace.  I find this is a good way to wrap up my workdays to continue my development as a graduate while not getting stuck into any big tasks before clocking out for the day.

4.00 PM

After work, I typically catchup on any errands I may have. Starting and finishing work early means that I have plenty of time to get these errands done, whether that be laundry, cleaning, supermarket shopping or appointments.

5.30 PM

After running my errands, I will usually cook myself a relatively early dinner, ensuring I have leftovers for work the next day. Some nights I will head down to my local pub, to have dinner and drinks with my friends.

7.30 PM

Before I head off to bed, I usually jump onto my laptop to do a little bit of research work, for a paper I am writing and about to publish with my old research supervisor from postgraduate studies at university. When I notice my brain fizzling out, I find myself swapping either to a YouTube or Netflix tab, getting into bed, and catching some sleep. I try to get to sleep before 9:30pm, giving me around 9 hours of rest before another busy workday.