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Camille Murphy

There is always something new happening at our dynamic site in Campbellfield. Upstairs is the head office for Retail Consumer and Healthcare, while downstairs is a bustling multiuser warehouse. This is my first rotation, and because of the many roles that happen within the Campbellfield site, I have quite a varied role, which means every day I learn a new skill or aspect about our business. I am involved in both Human Resources and Operations.

6:10 AM

My alarm goes off, and I jump up to start the day. At Uni, I had late classes and often worked afternoons and evenings, so sometimes it feels like I’ll never get used to my early starts.

6:45 AM

I leave home and begin my commute with my ‘Morning Drive to Work’ playlist playing in the car.

7:40 AM

I arrive at work and say hello to a couple of other early birds on my way to my desk. My office has flexible working times, so instead of arriving around 9 AM I arrive earlier to beat the traffic. I check my emails, and either immediately reply or flag them to reply later. I then check my calendar and my weekly to-do list, which I make to help keep me on track with projects I’m working on or tasks someone asked me to complete.

checking emails

8:00 AM.

I am currently working on a safety initiative for MHE’s (Manual Handling Equipment), like forklifts, high reaches and lollops. I have been working alongside the State Safety Manager on this, which has been great experience! I have already consulted with a number of different sites over the MHE safety issues they see on site and am in the process of creating posters promoting the best practice, and a Toolbox Talk to help communicate this. We will be rolling this out in a trial period at some sites and refining it before implementing it elsewhere.

10 AM

I grab a cup of tea and some fruit from the tearoom, and quickly catch up with some colleagues making coffee. Productivity is important, but I always try to set aside a couple of minutes to have a conversation – it’s great to hear about what everyone is working on, what’s going well and any challenges they’re facing.  

11:30 AM

I pop down into the warehouse to talk to the team downstairs about a project they are assisting with. I’ve found communication is a lot better if I go in person, rather than send an email. Even though our site has lots of different areas with different functions, we have a great relationship, and we’re always happy to share knowledge and help each other out.

checking warehouse

12 Noon

Time for lunch! I usually bring my lunch from home – I’ve got caught out a couple of times not bringing lunch and being too busy to go out and buy something. Sometimes while eating I have a chat to my colleague one desk over and other times, I eat while working. My site is located in a business park, and often around this time there are other people from the surrounding sites briskly walking in their lunch breaks. Some days if I have time, I’ll join them and enjoy the fresh air.

lunch break

1:00 PM

A fellow graduate and myself are hosting the Graduate Conference for next month. The focus we decided on is Introducing Change. We have a meeting to do some brainstorming about our guest speakers, good talking points, and how we want to run the meeting.

event meeting

2 PM

To get in some management experience, I have been placed in charge of a project to overhaul the current paper management system, and how we archive our documents. It has been great for my people management skills. Today, I head down into the warehouse for some one on one meetings to make sure everyone understands the process we’re implementing, and see if they have any issues or suggestions for improvement.

check work at warehouse

3:45 PM

Since the workday is coming to an end, I have a look at my emails, calendar and to do list and check if there is anything that had to be done by COB today. There is only a couple of emails and some pre-reading for a meeting tomorrow.  

4:20 PM.

All my work is done, so I have a final glance at my schedule for tomorrow before I start to pack up for the day.

5:45 PM

I stop off at home to change and head off to my evening yoga class. I make sure to allow plenty of time to stretch beforehand and ensure I’m in the right mind space before class. Part of the Toll Group culture is being Safety Obsessed, so I’m always careful to make sure that I have enough time to wind down from work, so I can be refreshed and alert for the following day.