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Toll Group

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Job Satisfaction at Toll Group

8.3 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 7 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
The responsibility varies when I was placed in different divisions, ranging from operational duties to strategic analysis.
Graduate, Melbourne
Being a graduate I don't have a set responsibility. I am responsible to the short term projects allocated to us and help the team with the day to day activity. This activity could mean having to run reports, analyse data, work on key strategic projects etc.
Graduate, Melbourne
Involved in multiple projects to deliver more values to the company and customers.
Graduate, Melbourne
I'm currently involved in operational data analytics. My line manager will provide me with the scope of a project, and I will then obtain any relevant data, analyze and present to relevant stakeholders. I'm also learning about day-to-day operations on the floor.
Graduate, Melbourne
Looking at data reports, trying to solve and backtrack issues occurring.
Graduate, Melbourne