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TAL Australia

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Culture at TAL Australia

8.7 rating for Culture, based on 12 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
In office: light hearted, friendly, caring, motivating. Structure flows well, everyone treats each other with respect and open communication (whether you're a more senior person or not). Teamwork and cooperation is never an issue, and socialising both during lunch breaks and outside of work hours sometimes. No one is forced to socialise after hours and no one feels like they have to try to fit in. The company is diverse and everyone is accepted and welcomed, people are quite understanding of each others needs.
Graduate, Melbourne
High performance though approachable culture in the office. Flat structure, there are just six job levels from entry to C level. Social events are common both informal and formalised. Cooperation and teamwork is prevalent as it is essential.
Midlevel, Sydney
professional in office and out of office hours.
Graduate, Sydney
Good culture of supporting one another. Colleagues will often socialise outside of office hours
Graduate, Sydney
Very flat level structure where you can speak directly to anyone. There are always a few who act high and mighty due to status, but the majority of people are very supportive of everyone (at all levels).
Midlevel, Melbourne
Work culture is good: employees are friendly and supportive. After hour culture is standard: company facilitates social events every now and then. However, as company is big, there is less social interactions with senior management from different teams.
Graduate, Sydney
Management does support a good work-life balance, however due to workload around year-end and half-year end, work hours can easily extend past 7pm or work being done from home. There is a hierarchy in the Actuarial team, however everyone is approachable to talk to no matter which level the analyst is at. Compared to other actuarial companies, there is less celebration on actuarial exam results. There is some social events, but not as much compared to the other Actuarial teams in Pricing.
Midlevel, Sydney
TAL has a relatively flat hierarchy where you have immediate access to your managers when required. There are many opportunities to socialise amongst colleagues including coffee catch ups, having lunch together on the staff cafe, at the gym or even through social sports organised by some of the staff at TAL.
Graduate, Sydney