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Michael Freeman

Education and collaboration culture is great. I enjoy doing quantitative analysis and running trading tools for the team.

What sparked your interest in joining a company like SIG? 

I was interested in mathematics and strategy, and felt that trading would be an area that would allow me to pursue these interests and learn to make optimal decisions in a competitive, fast-paced environment. SIG is a place where all of these things are part of my education and my day-to-day career.

What made you decide to join SIG?

The focus on education and the opportunity to train with other quantitative traders overseas in the US for an extended period of time. I like that the goal of the education program is to fully prepare me to be a trader upon my return to Sydney.

What was your interview like?

For SIG, the interview process is very technical with emphasis on probability, maths and game theory questions. Be prepared.

Can you walk us through what your typical work day looks like? 

I arrive at work prior to market open to study overnight market moves. Myself and the other graduates then usually have a class where we practice mock trading/play poker. During the day I analyse markets with my team and assist in operational tasks, while also working on markets theory as part of the education program.  

What projects and experiences have been most rewarding so far?

The most exciting and rewarding times are when markets are busy. These times can be stressful and require fast-paced decision making. I also enjoy helping other traders by providing both qualitative and quantitative information to assist their decision making.

What do you like best about working at SIG?

The education and collaboration culture is great. I enjoy doing quantitative analysis and running trading tools for the team. I also enjoy the process of learning more about the markets each day. 

What three pieces of advice would you give to a graduate interviewing at SIG?

  • I think most importantly, pursue a role you enjoy because you should be able to look forward to coming to work every day! 
  • When you find something you’re interested in, ask as many questions as possible (career fairs, employer events) to help you make your career decision. 
  • During networking and interviewing processes, be yourself. Most company representatives can tell when you are putting on an act to appear like a strong candidate. Just be yourself.