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Linda Zhang

I have always enjoyed maths and science throughout high school so I wanted a career which would reflect this.

I studied a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Hons) at UNSW. I have always enjoyed maths and science throughout high school so I wanted a career which would reflect this.

One of the best decisions I made during university was to involve myself in student societies. I was able to network with a variety of new people which ranged from other students, professors and industry representatives. I developed important people skills that came naturally in a team environment. My involvement with various events such as the annual industry night was both rewarding and also helpful for my own professional career development.

The reason why I chose to work for Schneider Electric stemmed from when I first met the company representatives at my university faculty’s industry night event. There were two graduates at the stall answering questions and the positive energy they gave off really stood out and attracted me. I wanted to work with a team of people who were passionate about their own company and culture.

Schneider Electric’s graduate programs consists of three rotations, each lasting 8 months. I am currently in my second rotation with Industry Business as a Services Engineer. My first rotation was with the Energy Business as a Product Applications Engineer. The two roles have allowed me to see different career paths I could choose within the company and have provided diverse experiences.

One of the major differences between the two rotations is the location of work. My previous role was mainly based in the office, solving customer issues through phone or email and involved a lot of lab work. I would work on site very rarely. In my current role most of my work is project based, allowing me to frequently work on site. I enjoy a change of work environment as it is exciting and stimulating. Through my work, I have had the opportunity to fly to other states and cities in Australia. Being able to work during the day and then explore a different city in the afternoon is an experience I’m grateful to have had.

Advice I would give to students considering work experience is to have confidence and have a go at every opportunity. Having good grades is important but focusing on things that can build your character is even more significant to helping you become an individual that stands out. You are as strong as your network so meet as many people as you can whether it be through university, sports teams, charity or work.

The work culture here at Schneider is the thing I love most about my job. They are very flexible on working hours and working from home. Getting the work done is the main priority. In both my rotations, my teams have been extremely supportive and helpful. I have a good relationship with all my co-workers and they have been very generous with their time to help me learn. The previous graduates here are also extremely supportive and constantly provide me with valuable advice. Schneider Electric has a strong focus on diversity and inclusion making it a very welcoming environment.