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Working Hours at Schlumberger

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Graduate, Brisbane and Roma
The role as a Schlumberger field engineer will require you to work long hours that include weekends and holidays. Each segment will have their own challenges and operate differently from one another. For example, in cement you'll be on call, whereas you'll work 12 hour shifts in coil tubing or fracturing. If you're in Wireline, you might find yourself on the wellsite location working for 5 continuous days. The experience and work rotation will also be dependent on the location you'll be working in. Another example would be in South Texas, the cementing jobs will require at least 14 hours and in Australia each job will take approximately 6-8 hours. The work rotation in Australia for Well Services is 5 weeks on/2 weeks off whereas in Texas it is 8 days on/2 days off.
Graduate, San Antonio
When you are on site you work everyday for a minimum of 12 hours sometimes 4-5weeks at a time.
Graduate, Perth
Depends on the job, some days there is not much work at all so I will stay at the office or home and work on other things, other days I will be out in the field for 16 hours at a time for a few days at a time.
Graduate, Dickinson, North Dakota USA
Being only done training, I haven't had much exposure to real-world operations.
Graduate, Perth
My hours are 8 - 5pm Monday to Friday.
Graduate, Midland