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Ashley Morling

Ashley studied Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at RMIT University, previously worked as a Marketing graduate and is now a Marketing Assistant at Reece Group

6:00 AM

My alarm goes off. Lucky, I’m a morning person and there’s no need to hit snooze. I wake myself up by taking my dog for a walk at a nearby park and eating brekky – fruit, yoghurt and granola. I get ready, hop in my car and listen to the radio news for the drive in. It’s Wednesday, so I head to our creative agency for our weekly catch-up.

8:00 AM

After finding a park in Collingwood, I grab a coffee at a trendy café, check my emails and plan the big day ahead.

8:15 AM

Every morning, we keep a positive rhythm going with our Daily Huddle. This is a stand-up meeting where we go around a circle and talk about our key highlights from the day before, plus what we want to achieve today.

Day in the life Ashley Reece Group

8:30 AM

The catch-up with our creative agency begins! Today, I’m briefing instore collateral and customer development packs for the upcoming Smart Irrigation Season. This is a campaign where we focus on clever ways to manage water more effectively by using smart products. We require unique designs for posters, flyers, promo items and more. I present to the room and we discuss questions, feedback and the next steps in bringing this vision to life.

10:00 AM

I stop by the Richmond branch to help set up a new display for our pool equipment brand, Henden. I have a chat to staff and customers about how they’re going. It’s important to connect with our target audience and keep them front of mind. I head over to our Burwood office, organise my desk and settle in.

12:00 PM

Lunchtime! I usually heat up my food in the kitchen and hang out with some friends from other teams. I’ve scored well with delicious pasta leftovers from the night before. It’s beautiful and sunny, so we sit outside on the balcony for some fresh air.

12:45 PM

I lock in time to explore social content for the Irrigation & Pools Instagram page. This involves liking and commenting on posts we’ve been tagged in and sharing our customers’ amazing outdoor projects. Today, I’m also doing some research into how we can use hashtags more effectively.

Day in the life Ashley Reece Group

1:30 PM

Next week, we’re exhibiting at the Splash! Pool & Spa Expo on the Gold Coast. I meet with my Manager to go over the final details. We make a phone call with our stand builder to work out logistics and ensure products and brochures are set to be delivered for the event. Flights are booked and we’re ready to go!

2:00 PM

I meet with our Internal Communications Advisor to discuss all things Smart Irrigation Season. We go over the key objectives of the campaign and what resources we need to provide our branches with so they can execute it with confidence. We start to develop a timeline and mock up videos that we can create to capture the attention of and inspire our staff.

Day in the life Ashley Reece Group

3:00 PM

It’s the Annual Super Bowl Ad Review! To celebrate in true Reece style, we have a fun and interactive session where each member of the team votes for a ‘Touchdown’ or best commercial and a ‘Fumble’ or worst commercial. We exchange thoughts on what worked, what didn’t work and the various learnings we can consider for our own future campaigns.

4:00 PM

Next month, we’re running an exclusive tool promo for Landscapers. I put together a list of our customers and build a targeted eDM. After testing the design and links on multiple platforms, I schedule it in to be sent. I update tasks on my Trello board and pack up my things.

5:00 PM

As I head home for the day, I put on some upbeat music to lessen the woes of being stuck in peak-hour traffic.

6:00 PM

Tonight’s menu is BBQ and salad. After washing the dishes, I enjoy winding down with a cup of peppermint tea and a bit of Brooklyn-99.