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Training & Personal Development at Protiviti

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Trained overseas (United State, Europe of APAC region) for every level. Grad consultants receive orientation training with the whole AUS graduates cohort (city varies). Grad Consultants fly overseas to receive 1 week of training after probation.
Graduate, Sydney
2-day training upon commencement of job. Further overseas training at conclusion of probation.
Graduate, Melbourne
On my first day, there was an induction going through policies and admin. There is also a formal national induction, which i have yet to attend. As my first office job, the need arises to clarify certain tasks and procedures, and these questions are usually answered by senior colleagues.
Graduate, Canberra
Consulting Challenge: The consulting challenge is an amazing opportunity that Protiviti provides to their new staff. However, I did not attend my challenge until 1.5 years after I commenced. I did not find the challenge to be as useful as it could have been if I was sent earlier. Regardless, it was great to network and meet in person Protiviti staff from around the world. Breakfast and Learns - these are a useful way of learning about topics you might not know about. They are an informal way of learning but when done well, are can be a very successful way of teaching staff about new topics, encouraging discussion and team building.
Graduate, Canberra
There's a whole range of units available on the Protiviti website where you are able to study and learn on a particular topic, enabling further understanding.
Graduate, Canberra
There is a formal Consulting Challenge, which is a week of introduction and training for new hires. This is usually held in the States. Alongside this there is are also periodic training events and a plethora of learning material on our Protiviti University site.
Graduate, Sydney
There should be some more comprehensive onboarding training
Graduate, Canberra