Updating Results

Jack Stonestreet

6.00 AM

First alarm goes off. More often than not, the snooze button is hit.

6.15 AM

Jump out of bed and stumble into the bathroom. Main aim here is to not fall over the dog while finding my way to the shower. Not going to lie, my eyes are still adjusting to being awake.

Next its time to find my uniform without waking up my partner.

6.45 AM

Time to get in the car and head to the office. On the way to work, I listen to a sport podcast to catchup with the weekends sporting highlights. It is around 15-20min drive into work up the freeway.

7.15 AM

I have arrived at the office. I get out of the car, walk to the lift, and press the button. I say hello to the other workers in the building, jump in the lift and make my way to Level 5.

When I arrive at the office, I say hello to everyone around me and I turn my computer on.

7.25 AM

Now it is time for coffee. I make a coffee at the machine in the kitchen.

7.30 AM

I sit down at my computer and open my emails and our company Reward and Recognition platform. I check for any emails that need action that have come through overnight to put out any “spot fires” that have come through.

I then take a look at our Reward and Recognition program to see who has been given a “cheers peer” or if there are any birthdays/anniversaries in the company to give them a like and comment.

7.50 AM

Time to plan my day. I look in my calendar to check if there are any meetings I need to attend, and then schedule my action items in and around these appointments. Today, I have a meeting with the client for a Sporting Facility I am managing for a local council.

8.00 AM

I first start my day in putting together an Internal Linings and Painting scope of works for my project. I put these together at the same time as they the areas of work are similar.

9.15 AM

Time for coffee number 2 for the day.

9.20 AM

I continue to work on the scope of works for Internal Linings and Painting. Once put together, I then send these out along with the drawings to be priced by various subcontractors. I just manage to get these done and sent out before my meeting with Council.

10.30 AM

Time to jump in the car and drive to the meeting. Fingers crossed that there are no traffic issues on my way.

11.00 AM

Time to buy some coffees for everyone at the meeting. Today we have 5 people attending, and the order is:

  • 3 x Flat Whites (Site Foreman, Client, and my order)
  • 1 x Latte (Architect’s order)
  • 1 x Cappuccino (Client’s order)

11.15 AM

Meeting with Council commences. We discuss all the major aspects of the building. The main topics of discussion are design, RFI’s (requests for information), programme and variations to the works. It was a good meeting today with lots of decisions being made.

Next, we take a walk around the site. The Site Foreman and myself walk the client and architect through the works a discuss what works are currently being undertaken. On this trip, we were able to point out any areas where design is yet to be finalised. We were able to come up with a solution for the client and architect to consider. Everyone is happy with the progress made since our last meeting.

12.30 PM

Time to jump to back in the car and head back to the office.

1.00 PM

Its lunchtime! Left over spaghetti bolognaise is on the cards today!

1.30 PM

Back into work. I’m back into assessing quotes for Doors and Frames. I open my comparison spreadsheet and start reviewing the quotes. There are a few curve balls thrown in this one with some subcontractors pricing the wrong drawings. A quick phone call to these trades to let them know, then back into assessing the rest.

The revised quotes are back through and now I can complete the comparison to send it to the Construction Manager. No budget issues with this one so a nice easy one to send away.

3.30 PM

Time to process a few invoices. No big ones today. The foreman only needed some plywood and fixings so this is a quick one to send away for approval?

3.50 PM

Time for a quick catchup at the coffee machine with my Senior Project Manager. I give him the debrief on how the client meeting went with council, and let him know of the action items that have come out of the meeting.

4.00 PM

Time to update my forecasting sheets for the project. I know we have had the project teams timesheets land on the job, and a few invoices have come through in the last few days. I update the forecast accordingly ready for a quick update to the Senior Project Manager before the end of the day.

5.00 PM

Last review of the emails to see if anything needs to be actioned. I see that there is on quote through already on the Internal Linings package I send out at the start of the day. I file it away review for review when the remainder come through.

I walk across to my Senior Project Manager to give him the update on where the budget is currently sitting.

5.30 PM

Time to leave but I can’t forget my plastic containers!

Must be peak hour for the lifts…. Its an all stations stop (we have stopped on all 5 levels of the building). I say goodbye to the others in the lift and jump in the car.

6.00 PM

Tonight, is rugby training night. I get changed and walk to the clubhouse to have a chat to the others before training starts at 6:30PM. Its a cold on tonight so I am happy I’ve brought my jumper!

8.00 PM

I arrive home and jump straight in the shower. There is no chance I can sit on the couch in my training gear.

I have some dinner and sit on the couch to catch up with my partner to see how her day went and we watch some TV together.

9.00 PM

Time to start getting ready for bed. I turn on the TV in the bedroom to keep watching the show we had on in the living room.

9.30 PM

Lights out. Time to sleep.