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Corporate Social Responsibility at NAB

8.8 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 12 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Very good. Have to do a major fundraiser and raise as much money through the year. Encouraged to have days off to do charity work.
Graduate, Sydney
I've personally worked on a deep dive into our product and service offerings to ensure we're not exacerbating the impact for customers experiencing domestic and family violence (including financial).
Graduate, Melbourne
We have the option to take some volunteer days as well as participate in a number of initiatives to improve our CSR standing. Something I worked on was a cocktail fundraiser event where my fellow Melbourne graduates and I raised over $35,000 for Guide Dogs Victoria.
Graduate, Melbourne
The company seeks to promote environmental, social and governance initiatives, whether it be through its commitment to reducing water usage or funding green energy developments.
Graduate, Melbourne
Alignment to UN SDGs, Green Bond, carbon neutral just to name a few
Graduate, Melbourne
There are a number of opportunities for graduates to get involved in NAB's CSR initiatives. I have personally helped run a fundraiser for a NAB Community customer, and am currently working with other graduates on a social business project with the Corporate Responsibility team. There are also opportunities to be involved in the Australian African Inclusion Program, as well as Diversity and Inclusion and Gender Equality initiatives.
Graduate, Melbourne