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Ben Muller

Ben is a Software Engineering Immersive graduate and is now working at the MYOB Sydney offices in the Future Makers Academy (FMA)


My name is Ben Muller and I started work at the MYOB Sydney offices in the “Future Makers Academy” (FMA)  just over five weeks ago. I am a previous General Assembly Software Engineering Immersive graduate. Here is a day in the life of a MYOB FMA grad:

Wake Up - 6 AM ( I am an early bird )
Morning meditation, breakfast and a singalong to a few songs in the shower and I am out the front door at 7.15 with my lunch in hand.

Arrive at work - 8 AM

MYOB is super flexible with their employees. If you are more of a morning person you can come in as early as you want and leave at a normal time. If you like a sleep in, you can arrive at 9.30 and nobody would say anything. It is all up to you. I find myself much more focused and engaged in the morning so I like to get in early and beat peak hour both ways too. Working in the engineering department it is safe to say that most people get in a bit later!

Collect my belongings from my locker and choose my desk for the day - 8.05 AM
Here at MYOB we have “hotdesks” so you can sit at a different desk every day. That means we also need lockers to leave our belongings overnight. I leave my laptop and important stuff here every night. Having a different seat every day means you get to meet someone different every day and also remain focused on your work without getting into too much of a mundane routine. I love it.

Ben Muller MYOB Day in the life

Book in my mentor session - 8.10 AM

In the FMA, all grads are set up with two developers as their mentors. I generally spend approximately 1 hour with my mentors every day either doing a code review, theory or joining their teams to learn about their projects. Their work is still a top priority, so I take this time each morning to review our schedules and choose a time that works best for both of us and lock it in for our meeting.

Ben Muller MYOB Day in the life

Go through emails - 8.20 AM

Read a book ( I am currently reading Clean Code ) - 8.30 AM
In the FMA we are provided with a list of books that are recommended to be covered to deepen our understanding of the software engineering craft. I take this time in the morning to warm up and read for half an hour or so. I find that these books can be quite dense with material, so reading regularly and in short sprints allows me to digest the material and let it sit with me rather than over consuming it and forgetting parts.

Continue on with a coding challenge 9.15/30 AM

Throughout the FMA we have a list of “Kata’s” ( coding challenge ) which we are to solve. They help us with the theory topics that are covered throughout the course. Usually I am either in the middle of a kata or starting a new one.

Grab/Eat some lunch - 12.15 PM
I generally eat an early lunch and not that long either. My head is usually stuck in a coding challenge or on some theory so I like to get my nutrients and get back to it! All employees are allowed the normal 1 hour for lunch, it is super flexible.

Tech talk by our principal developer on React Hooks - 12.30 PM
Some days we have tech talks from people in MYOB wanting to share what they have learned or just help others who might be focused on another domain ( eg. some backend devs want to learn more about the front end ). These optional talks are great to learn and break up the day. Today’s talk went for 45 minutes and you can bring in your lunch. Last week there was a talk from another company about the blockchain.

Mentor session - 1.15 PM
Meeting with my mentors at one of the many mobbing areas around the office we cover theory and practical. Currently, we are trying to code up a real world application of a Library resource management system/booking platform.
Ben Muller MYOB Day in the life

More coding and theory - 2.15 PM
After my mentor session we have usually covered quite a range of new topics and I feel as though it is a good idea to reiterate these concepts asap. So I take this time to cement my learnings either with reading content online or just playing around with code and testing fringe cases.

Home time - 4.30 PM 

Drop my MacBook and belongings in my locker and head home with plenty of time to either cook dinner or go to the gym at night. I usually get back home around 5.30pm. Another awesome day at MYOB!