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Morgan McKinley

  • 500 - 1,000 employees

Bethany Mahler

6.20 AM

Alarm goes off and I get up, get in the shower and get ready for the day.

Morgan McKinley graduate Bethany Mahler

7.15 AM

Walk or get dropped off at the train station.

8.25 AM

Arrive at work, put my lunch in the fridge and log into my computer.

8.30 AM

Grab a coffee with my manager or director to discuss weekly progress. We determine my weekly plan, goals and devise plans to get over any problems I may have encountered talent pooling throughout the week. For example, I may need advice surrounding the best approach to reaching the market for the week such as LinkedIn, phone calls, emails or marketing.


Morgan McKinley employees in the cafeteria

9.00 AM

Check emails, LinkedIn, cv centre - prioritise everything and reply to things that are most urgent.

9.30 AM

Write and upload 2 job adverts to all job boards - this includes alumni boards for companies that we target for our talent pools.


Morgan McKinley graduate in the office

11.00 AM

Weekly team meeting - involves updates from management meeting, revenue tracking, goal setting, updates on new/existing candidates, leads, clients, jobs.

12.00 PM

Meeting with retained ASX listed company we are working with on an ongoing basis.

1.00 PM

Lunchtime at the barstools in the kitchen - there is always some to have a chat too or a chance to check your insta feed. Usually, I go for a quick walk or go and grab a coffee.


Morgan McKinley graduate

2.00 PM

Get up a list of candidates that are most relevant to the current mandate and run down the list making calls and generating candidates for the teams live roles.

3.30 PM

Attend an internal candidate meeting - this involves running through the candidates cv, learning what their strengths and areas of improvements are, testing their project experience, understanding their management experience, what they are looking for, running through live opportunities, potential opportunities or being realistic about where we can and cannot help them.

4.45 PM

Grab a snack in the breakout area. Check my emails.


Morgan McKinley graduate at her desk

5.00 PM

Make sure everything is logged, calling anyone who is super crucial if you weren’t able to get a hold of them.

6.00 PM

Walk to the station and catch the train home.

7.00 PM

Get home and go to the gym.

8.00 PM

Eat dinner and watch some tv or do some study.

9.30 PM

Get ready for bed.

10.30 PM

Time for some much-needed sleep.