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Working Hours at Mirvac

8.2 rating for Working Hours, based on 6 reviews
How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Working in development the hours are generally longer than any other division. I often find myself working beyond my normal hours - including on weekends.
Graduate, Sydney
Generally work from 7:45 - 5:15. Company is quite flexible, it really comes down to your manager, my manager is amazing, so I am lucky.
Graduate, Sydney
Very flexible, can work from home if need be (this is extended to interns also)
Intern, Sydney
Get your work done, but also do 9-5. I'm lucky in my team. If I can't get my work done I may work at home, but only because I choose to. If I can't get my work done and don't work from home I feel able to have productive conversations with my manager about this.
Graduate, Sydney
Slightly longer hours than imagined although I have flexibility whenever I need it.
Graduate, Sydney