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Job Satisfaction at Mirvac

7.8 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 6 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Adhering to strategies and targets as communication by the ADM and DM; Preparing formal correspondence and presentation under supervision; Keeping minutes and maintaining files; Maintaining current market knowledge; Assisting and works with other
Graduate, Sydney
A very desk based role, with most of the time spent documenting projects. Little to no interaction with external consultants.
Graduate, Sydney
Not enough work at times, repetitive works at times
Intern, Sydney
My role is in corporate, working alongside the business to support them in delivering sustainability initiatives. My role is collaborative - to provide assistance where asked, and also to implement group-wide projects. This includes volunteering, our Reconciliation Action Plan, sustainability reporting. There are other wonderful elements to my role, but these would be the key areas.
Graduate, Sydney
Design and tenant management into base design.
Graduate, Sydney