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Office & Workplace at Microsoft

8.2 rating for Workplace, based on 10 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
Office space has all the facilities required.
Graduate, Sydney
Office is nothing special, but dress code can be anything from formal to very casual. Depends on segment.
Graduate, Sydney
Office is activity base and fantastic facilities. Wear what you like! There is no dress code. Some days I'm in corporate wear, jeans and sneakers, other days I'm in my skirt and sandals.
Graduate, Sydney
The office is out at North Ryde - It is a nice office with free parking for employees however, the location is not desirable. The dress code is very dependant on what you do - there are no rules, you can wear a t-shirt and jeans or a suit and tie, it just depends on your role.
Graduate, Sydney
AMAZING brand new, all of the newest facilities, hot desking, fun zones to hand out, open plan kitchens. Good location.
Midlevel, Canberra