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Mercedes-Benz Australia

  • 100 - 500 employees

Gjorgji Babarovski

7.15 AM

The worst thing you can do is to start your day with failure therefore I avoid hitting ‘snooze’ on my alarm.  After jumping out of bed, I grab my clothes, take a cold shower and 15 minutes later I am ready for work. I prefer having my morning coffee while driving to work.

8.30 AM

I walk in the office grateful that I have the opportunity not only to work with a great team but also to work for a globally recognised organisation such as Mercedes-Benz Australia. After greeting my colleagues and some initial chit chat, I am ready to get started with my work day.

9.00 AM

First morning activity is to check my emails, I tend to reply to most of them right away. I amend my daily ‘to do’ list accordingly with any urgent requests that have come through.  If time allows, I read cybersecurity news which helps me to stay up-to-date with industry changes. 

10.00 AM

The goal of one of my current projects is to utilize data storage, clean-up stale files, and implement Daimler’s global folder structure. To be able to perform all this, we use a tool named DatAdvantage. After running a few reports, I start analysing the data gathered from these reports and creating dashboards in PowerBI for better representation of the current storage situation. 

11.00 AM

Meeting: IT Infrastructure team – During this weekly team meeting, we all discuss any issues related to data integration, security, backend operations, networking, architecture and workplace services. Every domain owner provides an update on current initiatives and their plan for future initiatives. 

12.15 PM

Lunchtime! – Most of the time I prefer to bring my own lunch however we do have an onsite café for those days where I haven’t brought my lunch in which is handy. Occasionally our team will also go offsite to a local café or restaurant. This is a great opportunity to have some fun, team build and maybe gain some valuable career advice and insight from others within the team. 

1.00 PM 

As my priority task is storage utilization and data staleness, I spend most of my time identifying stale and duplicate files across the shared drive and delete these.  In addition, I create and maintain a dashboard where we are representing security findings from a variety of vulnerability scans.

3.00 PM

An email pops up for new RPA (Robotic Process Automation) request.  It is my responsibility is to develop a robot using UiPath which performs repetitive processes at high volume and speed, allowing us to switch our focus to more meaningful work.

4.00 PM

Meeting: Video conference with Chief Information Officers from 12 different markets in the Australia and Asia Pacific region. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss current system and network vulnerabilities and share solutions and precautions for the vulnerabilities which have previously been remediated.  It’s great to knowledge share and gain learnings from other markets and really does highlight how globalisation and the impact of new technology has changed the way the way that we work.

5.00 PM

After having a successful day, it is time to relax. We have a table tennis and foosball table in our area. I stick to the foosball table (I’m a terrible table tennis player!). Once I am tired of winning and traffic has improved, it’s time for indoor soccer. 

6.00 PM

Every Wednesday, employees from Head Office and our local retail dealerships gather together to play indoor soccer. It is not only good for letting off some steam and also a great way to meet new people, network and learn more about the company from different aspects.