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Talea Loeskow

One of the best things about the graduate program at Medibank is that we get handed real projects to not only work on, but also to lead.

What's your job about?

When you think of Medibank you probably think of health insurance, but we’re a healthcare company focused on our purpose - helping Australians achieve Better Health For Better Lives. I’m a Customer and Portfolio Graduate, which means that during my 18 months I complete three rotations within this division; from Strategy and Growth to Marketing to ahm and more. One of the best things about the graduate program at Medibank is that we get handed real projects to not only work on, but also to lead. In my first rotation I led the operational support team for the pilot of Medibank’s health and wellbeing app Live Better which is set to launch later this year. This meant supporting users daily, developing process maps, curating content for training and support and championing the use of the app. While working in ahm I led the Voice of Customer imitative and over my 6 months in that rotation, I transformed the operating style of this piece to help optimise knowledge sharing and solutions delivery. I reported on our customer metrics, communicated with lead stakeholders to understand the stories behind the data, presented this to our team and delivered on actions to solve the customer problems we identified. 

What's your background?

I grew up on my family’s crop farm in Bundaberg, Queensland. I was blessed with a lot of great opportunities through my schooling career. When I was 14 I spent 4 months on exchange in Southern Germany. When I was 16 I went to Uganda with five of my peers on a Service Tour where we fundraised and built a classroom for Entebbe Early Learning School. Just before the final cut-off for university applications I decided to study in Brisbane instead of Bundaberg. I spent the next years focusing on study and involving myself in sporting, career and community extra-curriculars. I graduated in 2017, in the top 10% of the Business, Economics and Law, on the Dean’s Honour Roll having secured myself a role in Medibank’s graduate program a few months earlier. I started at Medibank in the graduate cohort of 2018. I’ve recently reached my first anniversary at Medibank. However, in the graduate program we rotate into a new role every 6 months so after spending some time firstly in the Loyalty team and then in ahm’s Customer Strategy and Engagement team, I am now onto my third and final rotation in Customer Strategy and Growth. 

Could someone with a different background do your job?

Yep! The great thing about the graduate program is the diversity in rotations. You really get to make them your own and work on pieces of work that either play to your experience or provide you with something different and outside of your comfort zone. My colleagues and fellow graduates have backgrounds in things like consultancy, engineering and health – everyone brings diverse and valuable insights to the table.

What's the coolest thing about your job? 

The best thing about the graduate program is that I get to try out three different areas of the business for 6 months at a time. Not only does this give me the opportunity to experience different work and team styles, but it keeps me on my toes and always learning. But one of the greatest things about my job is seeing my work eventuate into benefits for our customers. Whether this is taking an issue I’ve found in a customer verbatim and closing the loop, or helping to develop strategy based on customer metrics and research we’ve collected, it’s great to know I’ve made an impact.

What are the limitations of your job? 

While I find the rotations very beneficial, the flip side is that I haven’t been in one team long enough to have a continuous impact and follow a large project from start to finish. Rather, I’ve been involved in various parts of the journey in various teams. However, I’m quite excited to roll-off the graduate program later this year and secure a full-time position where I can lead and execute more initiatives. 

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  • First, involve yourself in as much as you can. It doesn’t just have to be something you can put on your resume. There are so many great opportunities, societies and events at university that will help grow your horizons. 
  • Second, practice working with a range of people. While some groups or team members can be challenging, it’s invaluable to get good at interacting with people with different communication and work styles.
  • Third, apply for roles that fit your passion and values. It’s cliché but true, it’s really energising working for a company that you believe in. When you’re looking to start your career, research more than what the company does operationally.