Updating Results

Wes Chow

6.50 AM

The alarm goes off. I start my day with a glass of water and a brief read of the overnight news. A quick shower before heading out to work. I’m fortunate to have a leisurely commute, being only a 5-minute walk from the office!

7.30 AM

I arrive at the office and have another glass of water (it’s important to stay hydrated!). I begin setting up the trading desk, which includes ensuring all the necessary tools are running and working as expected. Luckily everything has started up smoothly today. I read through my emails to see how the markets have moved in Europe and then read the market summary from the night trader. I discuss our strategy for the day with the senior trader and we determine that the market should open lower based on the overnight moves.

7.55 AM

As a market maker, we provide two-way markets that we are willing to trade upon. Brokers call us before the open with requests of the option strategies their clients want for the market open. I input these so that we are quick to make them two-way prices when we are ready.


8.00 AM

The market opens and we are correct on our evaluation of where the market price should be. We start trading and begin making the prices for the brokers. It’s important to make the prices quickly and accurately leaving little margin for error. The open is usually the busiest part of the day so extra attention is required to take advantage of all the opportunities available!

10.00 AM

Trading has quietened down and I take the chance to quickly grab breakfast from the kitchen. This is a short window though as the market can pick up again at any point. That could be a chance to make excellent P&L. 

12.00 PM

Lunch arrives! We order food into the office every day so we can always have something different! 

2.10 PM

I’m on the Japan desk which has a break in trading between 2.10-3.30 pm. This gives me a chance to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. I send out a day summary before heading out of the office to get a coffee.

2.40 PM

Back at the desk, I sort through my emails. Now is a good time to get admin done and make progress on the python projects I’m working on.

3.30 PM

Market reopen. Trading is quieter this afternoon. During the quieter periods, I have the opportunity to review my trading setup and look for improvements. My team has a discussion on possible changes we could implement to improve our performance.

5.00 PM

Excitement as the market rallies 1% on trade talk news. We initially have the wrong position but take active steps to turn it around and capitalise on the trading.

5.45 PM

The night trader comes in and we hand the desk over, giving a breakdown on key events that happened in the day. Time now to get my head down on my projects which are exciting as they can have a direct impact on the P&L.

7.00 PM

I’m ready to leave for the day and make my way over to the gym. It’s been a productive day!