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6:30 AM

Rise and shine! (However it’s almost always still dark in Melbourne at this time!)

6:55 AM 

I hop into the car with my brother and we drive to the station together, then we catch the train to Southern Cross. During my train rides, I like to do a few things: nap, finish my pile of books still to be read, spend some time reading the Bible or in prayer.

8:00 AM 

Arrive at Collins Square, grab a cup of coffee downstairs at the food court and make my way up. During that time, I check all my emails, tick off unfinished tasks that still need to be done, then start the day with a cleared inbox.

Emily grab a coffee

8:30 AM

The Graduates meet up with our Corporate Manager to have our fortnightly check-in. Here we discuss our workload, our Sales pipeline and the health of our rotations. It’s really good we get checked in on often as it opens up a platform for us to communicate with our managers closely.

Team meeting

9:30 AM 

I get back to my desk and begin assisting the Account Executives with their broking work. During this time, I have an opportunity to be exposed to working on sections of the renewal cycle such as drafting renewal reports, placing slips, policy wordings as well as contacting insurers. It is a time and space to build the basic skills needed to be a broker.

10:00 AM

Coffee with insurers. As brokers, it is nice to have good relationships with insurers as we place all our policies with them. Here we get to find out more about insurer appetites to certain products and hear about the state of the current market. 

12:30 PM

Time to go to the food court downstairs at Collins Square to grab a bite and chill!

1:30 PM

Client meeting. Client meetings are always the highlights of my days. I learn about how brokers manage client-broker relationships and also how to professionally communicate with clients about the state of the market, present to them the upcoming renewal program and just get to know them better. Visiting clients’ offices is also something that I thoroughly enjoy – definitely a great experience!

2:30 PM

Straight after the client meeting I like to type out the minutes of the meeting to remind myself and also the team the contents of the meeting. We then send these off to the client for their information.

Typing in front of computer

3:00 PM

Go for a tea break

3:10 PM

Head down and continue on working on renewal cycles!

4:00 PM

Every Monday at this time, we have a Zoom meeting with the other Grads around the state. Here we talk about our weeks, our workload and updates from our manager about the company, and the news that we need to be aware of. It’s nice to be able to gather as one Grad cohort once a week to touch base with people beyond Melbourne!

4:30 PM – 5:00 PM 

The call ends, just about to call it a day.

lockers at the office