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Training & Personal Development at L'Oréal

8.4 rating for Training, based on 10 reviews
Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
L'Oreal provides great training as a whole. We have the opportunity to do courses online as well as attend internal workshop and training provided. We also have Learning weeks which assist us with personal development and skills enhancements
Graduate, Melbourne
Training programs are pretty good, a week of orientation, we have online learning modules everyone in the company has to complete, we have learning weeks where we stop work for a week and just learn and progress skills we need in the workplace
Graduate, Melbourne
There is a formal training program run by an external provider over the year as well as free coursera
Midlevel, Melbourne
Formal Red Sky training and learning week. On the Job training
Graduate, Melbourne
Training is incredible - when you start we get orientation week you learn everything about the company. Each year the whole company gets learning weeks too (seminars/classes off site)
Graduate, Melbourne
We have structured training programs for both soft and hard skills We have two learning weeks annually, which you usually attend 2-3 training sessions in, as well as a graduate training program which focuses on soft skills such as communication, feedback, negotiation, emotional intelligence and leadership, etc.
Graduate, Melbourne