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Working Hours at K&L Gates

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Normal work day is from 8-30 to 6. However, work times can fluctuate depending on work requirements. Company is flexible with work hours.
Graduate, Perth
You can find yourself still at work late at night.
Graduate, Sydney
They are not super flexible. Flexible work arrangements are not ingrained into company culture and everyone works very hard.
Midlevel, Melbourne
8-6 or 7 usually - pretty good.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Work generally 50-60 hour weeks. Hours tend to be dictated by clients.
Midlevel, Mlebourne
When I have a tradesperson or doctors appointment I can amend my hours as needed, other than this I have not enquired. There are many working parents who work part time or partly from home etc.
Midlevel, Sydney
Very flexible, the onus is on you to manage workload and hours
Graduate, Sydney
My partner is very flexible - I have been allowed to work remotely from home and while overseas. I generally work from about 9.30-7pm, sometimes later, depending on what transactions we have on.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The firm is reasonably flexible. This is ultimately a matter to be assessed on a team-by-team basis. In the team I work in, provided work is completed to a high standard and you are willing to put in long hours where necessary (which is often at short notice), there is sufficient flexibility.
Midlevel, Brisbane
Even as a junior lawyer, if I need to work from home one day I could ask and my partner would say yes. There are long hours involved in getting a job done but the partners are aware and conscious of workloads.
Midlevel, Perth
I have experienced a very understanding culture whereby you are not expected to just put in "face time". If you are not busy even as a grad you are encouraged to leave early.
Graduate, Sydney
Every rotation has demanded different hours. Certain rotations demanded more than others but the extra hours were necessary to complete the work and I received recognition for the hours worked.
Graduate, Perth