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Training & Personal Development at J.P. Morgan

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Skills with some of the latest technologies, empowering my own career.
Graduate, Sydney
The training is best-in-class. Graduates are flown to New York for an intensive training course that is top-tier.
Midlevel, Sydney
New York training
Graduate, Sydney
J.P. Morgan's training program is extensive and one of the key attractions to the grad program is the analyst training in New York. This focuses on upskilling technical skills for graduates and ensures everyone is on the same playing field as they start work. There is a regional council focused on developing junior talent which provides training for both soft and hard skills. The sales management team in the Sydney office is very focused on continued education, especially cross product, and has established a program where we are required to collaborate with other analysts and associates to better understand products that aren't our own area of expertise.
Graduate, Sydney