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Naresh Kalani

Having completed my economics degree at LSE, l looked at a number of options. I quickly recognized that the Jardine Graduate Schemes offered a far more in terms of training and structured career development than most other graduate programmes on the market. I was fortunate to be accepted onto the Scheme and before I knew it, was working in the Group’s Treasury Department in Hong Kong. At the time I never dreamt what an exciting path my career would take.

Within a year I was posted to our automobile operations in the UK to learn the trade. This was followed by a period of time with Cycle & Carriage in Singapore, then Thailand, culminating in two years running a dealership in Malaysia. During this period I completed the CIMA qualification, which gave me a dual career track. In 2009 I was appointed as Finance Director of Jardine Schindler in Singapore, which I did for 3 years. I then took on the role of Service Director for the company,

My career then took a completely different direction. Having enjoyed the selling experience whilst in our motor operations, I asked to be moved to our retail operation, Dairy Farm. Two years later I am now the Director of Operations for the Guardian Health and Beauty operation in Singapore, overseeing a team that manages 140 outlets. Jardine Graduate Schemes are designed to develop CEOs. It hasn’t disappointed in this regard.