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Mary Li

Through the experience of working on a wide range of tasks, I am able to gain a wider range of knowledge and form a bigger picture of the business.

Can you describe a day in the life of your current rotation? (What division you are in, what have you learned, what have you got involved in etc)

I was given the opportunity to rotate in the Satellite (Coles Insurance) portfolio team and pricing team, every 9 months.

My first and current rotation is in Satellite’s pricing team. The major tasks that I am currently working on our weekly renewal reporting and month end claim reporting. I have developed not only technical skills and but also communication and collaboration skills through liaising with other teams such as P&L, Claims, Finance etc. I have also received lots of help and guidance from my colleagues and my rotation manager in completing these tasks and they have really helped me to improve.

Apart from that, I also did some analytical work such as data extraction and manipulation, pricing model etc. Through the experience of working on a wide range of tasks, I am able to gain a wider range of knowledge and form a bigger picture of the business.

Overall, I have learnt a lot from my work and I have also had great pleasure working with other team members. I truly feel that Satellite has provided me a great working environment where I can maximise my potential.

Describe in 3 words your experience so far:

Rewarding, Supported, Enjoyable.

What has the support network at IAG been like for you as a Grad?

The support network at IAG has been great and I feel supported all the time. My colleagues and manager have helped me a lot not only on my work but also on my personal development. There is always someone that I can talk to, either work or non-related issues. I feel great care and support from other team members and I have also received lots of valuable advice from them which helped me to grow. The team culture at Satellite is great and I have always enjoyed all kinds of teaming activities which enables me to form closer relationships with others.

What has been your most memorable experience on the Grad Program so far?

My most memorable experience is the 2-day Satellite summit where all the people from Sydney and Melbourne office got together and collaborate in doing a wide range of activities. I got the chance to meet everyone in the bigger team and interact with people that I haven’t been working with. There was also an evening Pop-up picnic at Barangaroo Lawn where everyone met up, chat and play games! This event is most memorable to me as it really enables me to meet, network and develop a closer relationship with everyone in the bigger team and fit into Satellite’s unique team culture.

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a student applying for the Grad Program, what would it be?

One piece of advice that I would give to the applicants is to show more of yourself throughout each stage of the application process, whether it is a resume, video interview, AC etc. Be confident and show not only the skills you have but also your unique personality and how you believe you are the best fit for the role! It is always the best to do things that you are really passionate about, so remember to do some research initially regarding which team/role that you are most interested in and the kind of work you wish to be involved.

At IAG our purpose is making the world a safer place, how do you feel you have contributed to this within the community?

Through the time working at IAG and within the general insurance industry, I have realised the importance of meeting customer needs, providing them with the best protection and helping them to manage risks and this has now embedded in every piece of my work which ultimately contributes to maximising product value to customers.