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Bruce Brook

30 January 2020: 

I'm heading to Butlers Gorge Power Station, the furthest upstream power station of the Derwent Scheme, for an electrical protection inspection, alternator inspection and maintenance outage Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP). 

Bruce Brook alternator

6.00 AM

Get ready for the day. It's a 2.5 hr drive to site so an early start. 

6.30 AM

Hop in the car, pick up a fellow grad and an engineering vacation student who is also coming along for the ride.

Bruce Brook Coffee Shop

7.30 AM

Coffee stop!

Bruce Brook arrive at station

9.00 AM

Arrive at the.e station. 

Water is being bypassed around the machine to provide riparian flows into the Derwent River and water conveyance to Tarraleah Power Station downstream; pretty awesome!

Bruce Brook Bypass

9.15 AM

Complete a site induction for my colleagues who have not visited Butlers Gorge Power Station before.

Bruce Brook Bypass 2

9.45 AM

Begin our electrical protection inspection. We're looking for the surge arrestors that protect the electrical equipment from high voltage surges e.g. lightning strikes.

Bruce Brook Protection Inspection

11.15 AM

The team sits down for a HAZOP study for the works about to begin on-site. We discuss the scope of works and specifics about safety, compliance, resourcing and scheduling.

12.45 PM


1.15 PM

Continue with part 2 of the HAZOP.

Do a "Take 5" safety check and climb on top of the partially dismantled alternator to inspect the stator winding to determine which components require repair.

Bruce Brook Clark Dam

3.30 PM

Time to think about heading back to Hobart - For fatigue management, we aim to work within 12 hours a day when on site. 

One last stop up top to take in the gorgeous views of Lake King William, Clark Dam and Butlers Gorge Power Station.

Bruce Brook Lake King

6.30 PM

Arrive back home and take my dogs for a walk on the beach.

7.30 PM

Make dinner with my wife and chat about the day's events.

9.00 PM

Mariokart; 150cc is hard!

10.30 PM

Off to bed.