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Working Hours at Holcim Australia and New Zealand

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
Again it depends on the rotation. Some rotations are very flexible whilst others aren't.
Graduate, Melbourne
My current work hours vary from 8 to 10 plus commuting time. The company is super flexible on hours however in saying that you do really need to be on site for the 7am starts depending on the role you're in, especially considering the rest of the industry kicks off at 7AM.
Graduate, Melbourne
Generally 40-50 hours. Pretty flexible.
Graduate, Melbourne
It depends on your rotation. In the aggregates rotations where you are based at a quarry, you've got set hours and will almost always work at least a 10 hour day. In projects it's different, you'll have long 10-12 hour days at the beginning of a project then much shorter days afterwards once everything is running.
Midlevel, Melbourne