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Myles Blue

Why did you choose HPE?

Graduating with a degree in Marketing gave me a certain level of flexibility in the companies that I was able to apply for. I was able to decide what industry I wanted to work in which made my decision criteria for a graduate program even more important. So why did I choose IT and why HP?

Firstly – IT. One of the fastest growing industries that’s changing and shaping the world that we live in today. I’ve never been a tech head, but it’s impossible to ignore the impact that the IT sector has had on our daily lives over the past 10 years. It was obvious that the trend wasn’t slowing down and that IT was going to be playing a major role in the next 20 years and beyond. I wanted to be a part of that.

For me, applying for the HPE Graduate Program was an easy decision. I wanted to work for a global company that was a market leader in its industry, known far and wide for its innovative approach to technology and business and an organisation that was built on strong core values. Once I saw the program was available, a little internet research confirmed that HPE ticked all the boxes and I set my sites on working for a Fortune 50 organisation. The appeal of a company of that size? Vast job opportunities and career pathways, global scale and relocation potential, history of successful business with a large client base and of course – top class training and career development programs. I knew that a job with HPE would give me the tools and opportunities to start a successful career.

 What did your role involve?
I experienced various roles and responsibilities depending on the current stage of the program and the particular role at the time. They ranged from specific project deliverables to business-as-usual and extending as far as strategic planning. Typical activities included team meetings, regional strategy calls, time management and planning, event management, sales pipeline analysis, cross-functional business development, training, presentation creation, reporting, sales collateral development, project management and sales support.

What training have you received?
Aside from the mix of education I received, both on the job and online, as part of the program, I’ve been fortunate enough to attend Project Management Fundamentals (a 3 day instructor lead training program on the core principles of Project Management – Defining, managing and planning projects (incl risk management, GANTT charts, etc), Selling the HPE ES Portfolio (StEP) (understanding the key portfolio of offerings that underpin Enterprise Services, including how to engage in initial client conversations and pitch/introduce new concepts and offerings) and the Art of Winning Deals (intensive training on how to shape and win deals, including simulated deal pursuit with presentation coaching and client meetings).
What do you enjoy about the job?
The ability to work with and alongside some of the most forward thinking thought leaders in the industry. Aside from all of the benefits of working for an organisation of HPE’s calibre…it really is the people that make the job what it is. Also, the ability to gain insight into the strategy of a global company and how it runs its operations across the world is incredibly valuable.

What challenges have you faced?
The lack of technical knowledge was challenging at times. There is a lot of industry jargon and technical solutions to get your head around. Fortunately, there’s not only an abundance of training online, but there’s always a number of employees that are willing to dedicate their time to help. In addition, a mentor was assigned as part of the program, typically a senior leader. Regular meetings take place that act as not only a session for day to day advice and support but further career advice and networking. Throughout the rotations there are set buddies too that sit under the direct manager to assist and provide support for any day to day issues.

Any final points?
The opportunity and diversity of project work and roles across the organisation. To date, I’ve been involved in the project delivery of the central IT system for a state of the art digital hospital, a part of developing communication and marketing strategies across the South Pacific region, developed sales collateral for a new innovative IT service offering and been a part of setting up a new partnership between HPE and a leading University.