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Herman Sung

What is your current role?
I am currently an analyst in the Consulting and Advisory Services team working on a diverse range of projects that help clients solve their business problems with technology related elements. So far I’ve been involved in supporting senior consultants in IT strategy planning, implementing project management frameworks, and developing investment roadmaps.

What have you achieved during your time at HPE?
I am particularly proud of three achievements during my time in HPE. I developed marketing material for the sales team to use when engaging with potential clients. I’ve also worked with a client’s management team to develop reporting dashboards that are now being used in their project review meetings. Finally, I was part of a team that organised a series of educational “Healthy-Lifestyle” events for the staff in the HPE Wellington site.  

What is the key to a successful career at HPE?
HPE’s culture involves senior leaders working in collaboration with graduates. To be successful when working with senior leaders, simple and precise communication is key. Executives are often bombarded with information and their focus is spread across multiple problems at once. As such, it is important to develop the ability to distil complex ideas into terms that leaders can understand quickly and act upon. Throughout the Graduate Program, I’ve been challenged to improve on this skill by presenting to management, developing executive dashboards and communication packs for clients.
In my current role, I work with clients from a range of industries – each with their own unique business models and pain points. It is crucial to gain a firm understanding of the client’s business very quickly in order to be effective on a project. I would say the ability to learn and grasp new concepts quickly is highly essential to be successful at HPE.