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Esther Nabitosi

What roles have you undertaken as part of the Graduate Program?
During the Graduate Program I have undertaken two roles within the Infrastructure Technology Outsourcing division. Initially as a Junior Network Engineer I was responsible for implementing Network solutions for a number of large clients. Now I am working within Business Operations and Administration across Australia and New Zealand. This involves analysis of account sales and financial data used by Account Executives to make informed business decisions that promote growth and customer satisfaction.

What do you enjoy about working at HPE?
Working at HPE introduced me to a fast-paced environment with self-motivated people united by a similar goal. This coupled together with my ethnic background has enabled me to promote diversity in a dynamic workplace.

What skills have you gained through this experience?
Having rotated through different departments as part of the Graduate program, I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and strengthened my knowledge of the business and technical operations of HPE. Working with colleagues from Asia Pacific and across the World has helped me to develop an invaluable ability to work with people from a variety of cultures. 

I have found that there are variety of skills that have helped me to be successful during the Graduate Program: interpersonal & communication skills, being proactive, understanding how to prioritise tasks and having an attention for detail.