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Ethan Huang

7.00 AM

Wake up to my pup, Kobe, calling for breakfast.

7.45 AM

Take the train to work listening to the latest bop from Ozuna.

9.30 AM

We have our Technology + Digital (T+D) weekly team meeting today. This is held over Webex with those in the office joining locally. We go around the grounds with work updates and to check in on who has capacity and who needs assistance. I've volunteered for the shark tank this week, a 5-10-minute presentation to the group on just about anything. I cover China's latest personal information protection law and compare it with Australia's privacy act reviews.


10.30 AM

Having reviewed the new documents on DD<i>, I update the due diligence report and flag any red flags. The report is not due until later tomorrow but to give ample time, I send it off to the partner for review and feedback. In the meantime, another partner asks for some help on updating a client's privacy policy. I am to have a go at doing the first draft and the final is due to the client later today. The partner also wants me to help draft a legal data audit methodology that he has started for a client, covering legal issues across the data lifecycle. This is due end of next week.

Reviewing documents

12.00 PM

I complete the draft privacy policy and send it off to the partner for review. We head into a meeting room to go through my mark ups and queries.

12.30 PM

Lunch! Head down to The Canteen to grab some lunch and sit by the water with some other grads to soak up the sunshine! Take a walk around the block and get a flat white to go.

1.30 PM

A T+D training session on service agreements has been organised by some senior lawyers. The training covers key clauses and common issues, drafting techniques, and participating in a mock negotiation. The session was super practical and helpful for understanding the purposes and nuances of putting together service agreements. Next session is scheduled for two weeks' time!


3.00 PM

After training, I am sent a copy of an advice that I helped a partner do some research on regarding IT procurement regulations. After reviewing it, I ask the partner for 15 minutes to go through points and questions I had. It was great to sit down and understand how my research was used and what the end advice to the client looked like. I was given another task to do some research on machine readable legislation. To get a better technical understanding, we rope in the experts in G+T's legal informatics team and discuss the workings and issues surrounding code as law.


5.30 PM

Thursday Throwdowns are back and in a COVID-safe fashion! We head to a local bar for some early end of week drinks.

7.00 PM

After learning the difference between a dry and dirty martini (dry for me), we grab some dinner and head home.

8.30 PM

I log back on to do a final check of emails. Great news - an article I have been writing with a senior lawyer and partner has been approved for publication! A partner also emails a legal gap analysis task that has just come in and wants my help with tomorrow. We schedule a meeting for first thing tomorrow.

9.00 PM

Log off and get ready for bed/ re-watch of the best show on Netflix - Parks and Rec.