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Sahil Arora

My experience has been exciting and full of learnings where Genpact has played a vital role which enlightened my key learnings and made me valuable.

What's your job about?

Being a risk consultant, my role is to test the existing controls in the client’s operations and check the effectiveness of them in order to mitigate the level 3 risks.

I am expected to deliver improvised ideas as to where these controls can be uplifted to increase its effectiveness. On a daily basis, the assessors test the control effectiveness and check if the performers have been implementing them in accordance with the laid down guiding principles. Also, any changes in the existing controls are recommended via legacy systems to the respective LOB.

It involves high intellectual thinking which can be difficult for a teenager to understand. However, with best practices Genpact aims at providing best of knowledge to its existing users.

What's your background?

I was born and brought up in Delhi, India where I completed my higher secondary and undergraduate degree. Soon after, I wanted to explore corporate options within the territory and was given an opportunity to start my journey with Genpact India where I have worked under reinsurance vertical. However, I could only continue for 8 months because of my post study plans. After moving to Australia, Genpact gave me an opportunity to continue my journey with the organization and offered me 1 year internship. This gave me a better edge to learn and understand the Australian corporate industry. Soon after, I was also given a chance to appear for a full-time role under risk consulting team for an institutional banking project.  Overall, my experience has been exciting and full of learnings where Genpact has played a vital role which enlightened my key learnings and made me valuable.

Could someone with a different background do your job?

It would be highly tough for someone from a different background to understand the current job I am doing because of the mindset it requires while performing the job. For instance, a person from an IT background would struggle in understanding the risks a company is associated to and what measures can be taken in order to mitigate them. But someone from a commerce background would have sufficient knowledge from his/her past experiences about the importance of controls that are put in practice.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

The coolest thing I found about my job is the site where I am working. Dealing with client has always been my dream job and working at their respective office is like a cherry on the top of my favourite ice cream. I am privileged to work with my client under the same roof which gives me a better edge to understand their expectations from us. 

What are the limitations of your job?

Although, it is good to learn something new every day. However, it gets tiring to read modules and training decks on a routine basis. My job requires in depth understanding of each control we assess and that includes comprehending each of the processes it is put in place. This gets boring after a while and can make a person lose interest. 

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

Pieces of advice I would recommend to any student are:

  1. Always maintain a balance between your personal and professional life. Anything exceeding over the other is fatal and monotonous.
  2. Make time for you to take yourself out and introspect on what is to be achieved and how. Planning makes everything easy and gives mental peace.
  3. Enjoy to the fullest as this time is one of the best passage in someone’s life. Find a way out which can be both exciting and adventurous at the same time.