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Mat Norman

6.15 AM

I’ve hit snooze. 

6.30 AM

Third snooze for the morning. I know I need to get up or I’ll miss breakfast. I deliberately set my alarm early so I can make some food. Damn, only coffee again.

7.00 AM

I’m up, shower and shave? Check. Now to spend 20 minutes panicked on what to wear. Simple choices but I still need to get it right. Will this colour combo work? Can anyone see my undershirt? I wore those shoes yesterday.

8.00 AM

Out the door and arrive at work by 9.00 am.

9.00 AM

Walk into the office, say hello to the team around me and check my emails which usually consist of responses from clients on the insurance documents I sent them yesterday. I forward those to Account Managers. I then check my meeting schedule for the day. Some may be training sessions or learning about other products we can offer. Open our task system and look at tasks assigned to me. These can range from cancellations to new quotes or even alterations to a policy. All carefully completed as it can impact the coverage and cost to the client. Begin.

10.00 AM

I have a meeting with our team. Maybe eight people. We go over our budgets and where we are this week. We play a fun game-like celebrity heads and bond over the week we have had. Laugh and get ready for the afternoon.

11.00 AM

Coffee time. I have processed much throughout the morning. Many clients need me at my best, and I need coffee for this. I see a friendly face in the lunchroom and have a chat. We talk about insurance and how I’m settling in.

12.00 PM

Lunch. Usually in the lunchroom with everyone else. No eating at our desks, we are a team. I sit with directors of the business or other people in our support team. We chat and laugh.

1.00 PM

Back to work. It is casual Friday, so everyone is in a good mood. I chat with the person next to me about our plans for the weekend. We both have entirely different roles but can still relate.

4.30 PM

After work catch up. We all hang out in the Lunchroom for an hour just laughing and eating chips destressing from the week. Woohoo, we killed it. Had a great week and had some fun.

7.00 PM

Gym then dinner. Now I have a routine, I can plan to exercise or to see friends for dinner because I know when I will be there. Freedom to work around a schedule is great and I love not working weekend.

8.00 PM

Netflix. Unwind and relax after another week. Happy with the week gone and ready for another. So much to learn but excited to learn it.

11.00 PM

Time to sleep. I have earnt it.